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Quadruple Aim 3

Reducing the per-capita cost of health care


Kadlec Regional Medical Center

Richland, Wash.

Program: Hospital Sewing

Volunteers at Kadlec Regional Medical Center saved almost $100,000 by having volunteer sewers re-purpose and recycle linens

Klickitat Valley Health

Goldendale, Wash.

Program: Confidential Information (PHI) Shredding Program

Volunteers in Klickitat Valley Health's Confidential Information (PHI) Shredding Program protect privacy, reduce waste and free up staff

Providence Regional Medical Center

Everett, Wash.

Program: Long Length of Stay Engagement with Patients with Dementia/Alzheimers

Providence Regional Medical Center volunteers lessen isolation of dementia/Alzheimers patients by engaging in group activities

Swedish Issaquah


Program: Reminder Calls by Swedish Cancer Institute

Swedish Issaquah's Cancer Insititute Reminder Calls provide a human connection during trying times