AHVRP Affiliated Chapter Spotlight
November, 2018


Washington State Society of Directors of Volunteer Services (WSSDVS)

We spoke with WSSDVS President Wendy Turner and asker her these questions:

By all accounts, the Washington State Society of Directors of Volunteer Services (WSSDVS) has undergone a re-energization. As President, can you share what you did to accomplish this?

"The energy came from finding the right topic and the right presenter. Alison Garrison, President-Elect and I shared our vision with Ursula Pawlowski around “walking the walk and talking the talk”. The [state] conference had to be relevant and impactful enough that it would help elevate our profession. That is when Ursula offered to be our presenter. She worked with us to create a structure that would focus on our strengths as leaders. Then the discussion turned to how we were going inform our leaders how our work impacts the Triple Aim as an affiliated Chapter of AHVRP. Little did we know that the Triple Aim would be replaced with the Quadruple Aim."

Talk to us about the Quadruple Aim. I think most of AHVRP has heard about the Triple Aim and that publication. What exactly is the Quadruple Aim and how did WSSDVS become a part of that.

"The fourth component came from a member who shared that their hospital added Staff Satisfaction as part of their framework. The Quadruple Aim uses the original three components, but with a little twist. This aim shows that Improved Population Health, Reduced Care Cost and Satisfied Staff will increase Patient Satisfaction. In the Quadruple Aim there is focus on how to support staff satisfaction."

I love the new logo! How did this come about? Will this be rolled into a new website soon?

"In one of our Board Meetings, our Member Liaison, Pam Keck, shared a conversation she had with a new member and colleague, Susan Pinick. Susan was interested in sharing her vision of a new revitalized logo. In turn, she created three different versions and at our Annual Conference we had our members vote for the logo they wanted to replace the old WSSDVS one. We are still deciding on the website, but if we do move forward it will definitely be prominently placed on the welcome page."